Change of season skin needs
Change of season skin needs

Your skin has recovered from your December holiday and now we face the change of season. In Johannesburg we are not blessed with a gentle transition into winter, our autumn is very quick and before we know it we are faced with freezing mornings, hot days and cold nights where our skins’ are exposed to extremes of temperature, lots of free radicals and particularly dry air.


  1. Increase your exfoliation
    • At home ensure you are exfoliating every 2nd or 3rd day using something a little stronger than you would use in summer. The Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion is particularly good as it uses mechanical crystals, enzymes and glycolic acid to remove the cells.
    • Professionally, you will need heavier peels and resurfacing, we particularly recommend Microneedling with a peel, Dermaplaning and medium depth peels like TCA touch and VI Peel.
  2. Moisturising
    • Contrary to what you have been taught moisturising can make your skin cells lazy. Your skin may become even dryer if you use creams which are too thick that form a barrier on the surface. The most effective way of increasing moisture is to make your skin produce its own moisture, by keeping the cells stimulated and oxygenated. LED light therapy is particularly good at increasing oxygenation of the cells and stimulating the release of ATP to regenerate the skin.
  3. Protection
    • Just because you are now out of the sun, protecting your skin is still essential we recommend an anti-oxidant like Skinceutical’s CE Ferulic, or Resveratrol, pH Formula Vitamin C Serum or cream, Environ’s anti-oxidant gel, and a broad spectrum sunblock like Heliocare. The latest research shows that not only is our skin effected by ultra violet radiation, but being indoors exposed to visible light and infra-red which comes from all office lights, computers and cell phones is as damaging to our skin.
  4. Boosters and serums
    • Now is the time to introduce a booster or serum, we recommend pHFormula Vitamin C Serum, SOS oil, Exuviance Vespera, Triple Collagen or Anti-oxidant serums, SkinCeuticals HA+, or B5 serum, QMS collagens, Environ moisture gel or colostrum gel.
  5. Supplementation
    • Adding in a specific skin supplement is extremely helpful. We recommend either Pro-collagen or Zehra, Environ’s complete anti-oxidant, QMS’s intravital tablets and we are very excited to be introducing NADplus. This supplement consists of 3 complexes and 19 ingredients which work in combination to produce the most effective anti-aging complex for both internal and external aging including brain anti-aging, and liver detoxification.

Philippa Crichton

Apr 18, 2018

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